domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Annie Leibovitz

US photographer Annie Leibovitz was bestowed with the 2013 Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities, as made public on 23rd May in Oviedo.

You can read here some excerpts from her speech: "For me, photography represents life itself. It is communication, and it allows the sharing of experience. It enables us to show others what we see—the things that fascinate us, the people and places we love and hold dear. Some photographers bring light to our difficulties and discontents, the things that betray us and hold us back. Others take us to worlds we could never visit, or help us better understand people we would otherwise never know."

"At the same time, with a camera we can retain the vanishing moments of our lives. A photograph can ensure that we remember—for example—the amazing view that enchants us in the moment we see it, but then leaves our sight. Or the memorable event; the place we visit once; our children who grow up and change so quickly. The people we love and learn from. The happy, sad, profound moments which animate and enrich all our days. Photography has always had this incredible power to still and hold on to the present—before it disappears into the past."

"The truth is that photography was created precisely so that anyone could make an image. So that anyone, of any class, at any station of life, could possess an image of themselves, or their family and friends, or the landscapes and views and things that were meaningful to them. The power of photography is the power to share our experiences with others, across differences of time and geography and education and belief. The power to show what otherwise might not be believed. The power to stop and hold onto the moments that rush by us."

You can have a look here at the work she did for Disney

AQUÍ tenéis un artículo interesante con muchas de sus fotografías y con imágenes de su proceso fotográfico.

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